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Walter & Marie Singer Award


Singer Award

Each year at this event the Los Altos Chamber of Commerce presents the Walter and Marie Singer Award. Named after beloved downtown business owners Walter and Marie Singer, the award has been given since 1993 to those exhibiting community service, generosity and commitment to business. The Singer Award, is an esteemed recognition honoring individuals that have made significant contributions to the community. This award acknowledges outstanding leadership, innovation, community involvement, or philanthropic efforts that have positively impacted the region. Recipients of the Singer Award are celebrated for their remarkable achievements and their positive influence on the community.

Past Award Winners

1993 Roger Brunello

1994 Dennis Young

1995 Ingrid Jackson-Macdonald

1996 Lawrence Chu

1997 Conrad Heintzelman 

1998 Roy Lave

1999 Joe Renati

2000 Mary Prochnow

2001 Mel Kahn

2002 Wyatt Allen

2003 Jean Newton Fraguglia

2004 Louise Spangler

2005 Jane Bigelow

2006 Sam Harding

2007 Steve Shepherd

2008 Ron Labetich

2009 Steve Anderson

2010 Dennis Ronberg

2011 Larry Chu Jr.

2012 Kamrin Knight Desmond

2013 Dan Brunello

2014 Maureen and Roy Jones

2015 Sam Pesner

2016 Karen and Tom Smith

2017 Liz and Paul Nyberg

2018 Abigail Ahrens

2019 Julie Rose

2023 John Challas

Walter & Marie Singer
photo of Janet Harding and Sam Harding. Sam was the 2006 Singer Award Recipient and is wearing the red tie that represents the award.
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