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Business Advocacy

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Los Altos Chamber of Commerce

  • Statement of Purpose of the Los Altos Chamber of Commerce: To encourage and promote business and to stimulate a vibrant economy in Los Altos and Los Altos Hills.

    Mission of the Government Affairs Committee: To identify and analyze issues of interest and concern to Los Altos/Los Altos Hills and the business community, recommend to the Board of Directors advocacy positions on those issues that the committee deems appropriate, and communicate the Chamber's viewpoint clearly and strongly to our membership, elected officials, and the community at large.

    Filters for Chamber review of issues:

    1. Related to business, commercial and/or economics
    2. Has legislative support/involvement at local, regional, state or federal level
    3. Consistent with the Chamber’s statement of purpose and core functions
    4. Reasonable ability to impact and/or influence outcome

    To effectively serve as an advocate on issues of interest to the business community, the Los Altos Chamber of Commerce has developed this Public Policy & Advocacy Guiding Principles document, which provides a philosophical framework for defining the chamber’s position on public issues: What the chamber stands for and why we engage on behalf of our members and the regional business community.

    This document will be reviewed and updated as needed and presented to the Board of Directors annually. The chamber President, Chair or a member of the board designated by the Chair and/or President has the authority to determine and communicate, in a timely manner, the chamber’s position on issues that are defined in this document.



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