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  • About the program

    The City of Los Altos, Los Altos Chamber of Commerce, and Los Altos Village Association invite all residents to visit three of our business districts and enjoy holiday trees decorated by businesses, community groups, nonprofit organizations, and families.  These 61 trees are located across Downtown, Loyola Corners, and the Rancho Shopping Center.


    We encourage you to take a look at the map below to visit these trees and support our local businesses while strolling through our beautiful town.  Please snap pictures with your favorite trees and share on social media with the #TrimATree so we can spread the word and holiday cheer!


    We would like to thank Los Altos Community Investments, Los Altos Town Crier, Los Altos Hardware, and Mission Trail for their sponsorship and support of this program.

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  • Veterans Community Plaza, at the intersection of Main and State Streets

    Arts Los Altos

    BridgePoint at Los Altos

    Foothill College

    Hidden Villa

    Kiwanis Club of Los Altos

    Los Altos Police Department

    Los Altos Stage Company

    Los Altos Village Association

    Mahajan Family

    The Ambler Family

    The Dworkin Family

    Together We Can

    Veterans of Los Altos



    Enchante Boutique Hotel

    1 Main St.
    Los Altos Town Crier  138 Main St.
    Kids Only 157 Main St.
    Lisa's Tea Treasures  167 Main St.
    Adventure Toys   173 Main st.
    Lyn At Your Service   199 Main St.
    City of Los Altos Recreation 199 Main St.
    Fern Studios Digital 203 Main St.
    The Badros Family 222 Main St.
    ACS Discovery Shop 243 Main St.
    Sky Family Taekwondo 248 Main St
    IKB 346 Main St.
    Maria’s France Italy England 393 Main St.
    Cetrella 400 Main St.
    Taam Family 400 Main St.
    Assistance League of Los Altos  169 State St.
    Urfa Bistro  233 State St.
    Linden Tree Books   265 State St.
    Cranberry Scoop   295 State St.
    Nature Gallery 296 State St.
    Repeter  308 State St.
    BK Collections  342 State St
    3potato   358 State St.
    Hayhoe Family   359 State St.
    Gaunce Family  359 State St.
    Cambric Limited 197 2nd St.


  • Rancho-Shopping-Center-map-w500.png
  • Downtown Periphery

    Blake & Quick Families  230 First St.
    Diamond Brokers of Los Altos 333 First St.
    Los Altos Hardware  441 First St.
    Los Altos Chamber of Commerce 321 University Ave.
    Demartini Orchard 66 N San Antonio
    Los Altos History Museum 51 S San Antonio
    Campi Group   195 S San Antonio
    Sweet Shop     994 Los Altos Ave.


    Rancho Shopping Center

    Cub Scout Pack 33 North lawn
    Jardin de Mariposas North lawn
    Montecito Preschool North lawn
    Justice Vanguard Middle lawn
    Los Altos Youth Commission Middle lawn
    Rotary Club of Los Altos Middle lawn
    Families for Love & Christ South lawn
    Girl scout troop 61086 South lawn
    Women SV  South lawn


    Loyola Corners

    The Nail Bar 981 Fremont Ave.
    The Bicycle Outfitter 963 Fremont Ave.
    The Chapman Walton Family 955 Fremont Ave.
    Drawn2Art   941 Fremont Ave.
    BNI Empowered Business Partners 941 Fremont Ave.